Custom content management, responsive design, multi-language content distribution

JW Plumbing & Heating is a family business in Montreal, QC. JW's website had been outsourced to multiple agencies, and was riddled with consistency issues in both content and design. We delivered a website that is structured by semantic HTML (to improve its search engine performance), consistent design, and custom content management that has placed JW's team back in control of their website.

They used to run a separate mobile website for small screens, but with responsive design we eliminated the need for a separate mobile service.

Because they operate in the Montreal area, users can switch easily between English and French, and the website's administrators can handle both languages' content all in one place.

We also put in place a simple method of payment allowing customers to pay invoices online through PayPal.

A project's workload always feels extra worthwhile when it involves liberating people from a hateful admin experience!