Luke Johnson

Hello! My name is Luke Johnson. I'm a user experience consultant and web developer.

I help organizations make effective use of the web, mobile, and social media, and to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Why work with me?

  • Ux

    I can help improve your users’ experience.

    By studying user behaviour, I can help you deliver your services in ways your customers will love.
  • Book

    I can help you form a clear digital strategy.

    A clear digital strategy will enable you to focus on your audience and succeed where others fail.
  • Code

    I can build tools to drive your business goals.

    With over 12 years' experience developing custom websites and web apps, I can equip you to thrive amongst your competitors.
  • Complex

    I'm a creative thinker, at home with complex problems.

    Sometimes an outside voice is needed to bring perspective to what feels insurmountable.
  • Compass

    I can help bring context to the issues you are facing.

    I have broad experience spanning several sectors, such as higher education, nonprofit, and business.
  • Ally

    I'm a patient teacher, and here to be your ally.

    I can help you navigate the ever-changing expectations of your digitally-savvy audience.

How I can help you
achieve your goals

Consult. Increase engagement with improved user experience

I can review your existing website or app to identify where the user experience needs to improve, and guide you through the implementation process.

Design. Make plans that mark out a clear path to success

Are you setting out to create a new digital service? I can guide you through the various stages of design so that you can start into the development process with well-laid and well-documented plans.

Develop. Websites and web apps to drive your business goals

I develop custom websites and web apps for organizations who need special functionality. From the database to the interface, everything is custom-crafted to put your mission first.

Who I am helping

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